Winter Handicap


Race Results

DMVAC's race results are divided up into four main categories - road, track, cross-country (League) and multi-events (triathlon) plus the Club Handicap and the MABAC results. All results should be listed under their own category by month. Previous years results are also available for each of these categories - just click on the year required on the left hand menu (these are the road race results).

Grand Prix

The DMVAC Grand Prix was launched in 2014 and the qualifying races are indicated in the Fixtures list where further information can be downloaded as a PDF.

The Qualifying Races
July - Badger Half Marathon
August - MABAC – Wimbledon Common
September - Reigate Half Marathon
October - Surrey Cross Country League Match 1
November - Epsom 10
December - MABAC - Wisley
January - Perch
February - Surrey Cross Country League Match 2
March - Cranleigh 15
April - Clandon 10k
May - Park Run (tbc)
June - Epsom 10k

Results after Race 1, the Badger Half Marathon (PDF).